This is your digital skipper logbook that is always with you. It has all features as paper logbook does, but also offers you benefits of digital solutions.

Online Logbook

Online Logbook
Wear out
Get wet
Available everywhere.
You just need internet.
Because it's online.
Online Logbook becomes only better.
All datas are securely stored in the cloud storage.

Online Logbook

Statistic of sailing experience

Online Logbook automatically counts your sailing experience by day and nautical miles. You can filter and summarize your experience by role, type of yacht, tidals, etc.

Share your journey

Imagine that somebody among crew-members has fulfilled in the journey details in logbook and shared it with you. You need just to click "Accept" and WOW this journey is already in your logbook.

It's a proof of your sailing experience

Send a copy of your logbook to charter company or sailing school in 2 clicks generating web-link and pdf-file.
Online Logbook
Keep and analyze your sailing experience in Online Logbook. It never gets lost or wears out.
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